DarkComet RAT Remover Released

DarkComet RAT Remover Released

The developers of DarkComet RAT have released a new tool that can be used to detect and remove their own DarkComet RAT. This tool can detect any kind of instance of DarkComet running in the system even if a hacker tries to obfuscate the loader to be undetected by common Antivirus software, also it detects registry threats and keyloggers logs.

The developer of Darkcomet also posted the excuse saying, "I would like to say publicly that I’m very sorry about this I never thought and I never knew that they use my free software (the proper word would be hijacked) for doing this." "I feel really bad right now, thinking about stopping all the work in this project and closing all downloads as it happened for Bifrost (in the past for similar reasons – hijacking software), even if it won’t change anything as the damage is already done," he added. This release is the result of a civil war in Syria where DarkComet is used as a war weapon.

Features: These are the main features of this anti-DarkComet Tool

  • Detect DarkComet Even if encrypted.
  • Detect DarkComet Even if visualized.
  • Detect DarkComet Even if injected in a remote process.
  • Detect DarkComet Even if Protected / Packed.
  • Detect Registry Changes by DarkComet.
  • Detect Keylogger logs.

Download DarkComet RAT Remover 

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