How to remove trojan DNS Changer

How to remove trojan DNS Changer

Yesterday, I reported that Google will warn users who are affected by the DNSChanger trojan. After the post, many readers asked me to write about this Trojan in detail. In this post, I am writing about the DNSChanger trojan.

DNSChanger is a kind of trojan that changes the DNS (Domain Name System) settings of a system to redirect the system to some illegal websites. This trojan changes the nameserver registry key value to a fake IP address. As a result of this change, when a user tries to access that website, its computer redirects the request to the fake IP addresses added by DNSChanger.

How to check your computer?

If you want to check this infection in your system, I am writing some steps for the windows system. 
open the command prompt. (i assume you know what is command prompt is and how to open this.)

Now write
ipconfig /all and press enter.

Now look for the entry "DNS Servers" 
See the IP address in front of this and compare them to the
table of known rogue DNS servers listed below. through through through through through through

If your computer is configured to use one or more of the rogue DNS servers listed above, your system may be infected with DNSChanger malware.

You can also visit the website to check whether your system is infected or not.

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How to remove infection?
If your system is infected with DNSChanger, download the free DNS changer removal tool from Avira

Follow these additional steps:

1) Go to Start --> Control Panel -->Network Connections.
2) Right-click your default connection, usually Local Area Connection or Dial-up Connection, if you are using Dial-up, and left click on Properties.
3) Double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item and select the radio button that says Obtain DNS servers automatically. Click OK twice.
4) Go to Start --> Run, type CMD and then click OK.
5) At the Dos Prompt Screen, type in cd and then press ENTER.
6) Now type in ipconfig /flushdns and then press ENTER. (notice the space after ipconfig)
7) Close the command prompt window.
8) Reboot your PC and try to open any website.

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