Author Terminates DarkComet RAT, Reason is misuse

Author Terminates DarkComet RAT, Reason is misuse

Jean-Pierre Lesueur aka DarkCoderSc, developer of the most infamous RAT, DarkComet has announced that he is terminating the project. He revealed that he was getting many applications regarding the misuse of this remote administration tool (RAT). 

In the past few months, DarkComet has been used in various big hacking cyber crimes. It was attached with malware to hack systems. It was also used in Syria to spy on the country’s activists. This was the big reason behind this decision.

Initially, this project was launched as a Remoter Administration Tool for those who want to keep eye on their children and family members. It also allows users to control a remote computer so it could also be used for remote technical help.

“It is with deep regret that I am here to announce the end of project DarkComet RAT after over 4 years of development, hard work day and night to offer you for free a tool with the will to meet the community's expectations for a program of type Remote Administration,” Jean-Pierre Lesueur explained.

“Why did I take such a decision? Like it was said above because of the misuse of the tool, and unlike so many of you seem to believe I can be held responsible for your actions, and if there is something I will not tolerate is to have to pay the consequences for your mistakes and I will not cover for you,” he explained.

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