Tips to protect Facebook account from hackers, with buying fullz | best cvv dump sites | buying cvv online for Carding.

Tips to protect Facebook account from hackers, with buying fullz | best cvv dump sites | buying cvv online for Carding.

Facebook, the social networking website or we can say our virtual world. Most of the people live more in this virtual world than their real world. We share our photos, moods and thoughts with our friends. But with the increase in use of Facebook, Hackers are also very active and they always try to hack innocent people's facebook account.

Many people do not care about their Facebook account security. According to them, "There is no loss to me if my facebook account is hacked." But they easily forget that they also have some of their private information. And if there is no private information, the account represents you. These are the people who never care about their account security and then request me to help in getting back their facebook account because some one is using it and doing abusive things. 

Why should you always try to protect your account: Facebook is your online identity. If you account is hacked, you will have to face following problems:
1. Now someone else is living your life in Facebook. All the abusive and criminals activities done by hacker will represent you.
2. He will ruin your reputation.
3. Your private photos can be misused in porn industry.
4. Your personal data wil be sold to the internet marketing firms
5. If you are a girl, then i do not think i have to explain the problem.

Myths about facebook hacking: Some people think that hackers have some nice hacking tools which easily gra their passwords. So they can not do any thing to protect their account. There is not a single percent truth in this. No tool exists which can grab your password. Yeah some hackers use facebook security services as a security bug to take over your facebook account. But facebook has given so many ways to recover facebook account. You are never going to lose your facebook account if you will follow all the security points which i am goinf to describe in this post.
Most of the time hackers use phishing and keyloggers to hack facebook account. Protection against these attacks are easy.

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Security settings for facebook:
1. Hide your primary Email account and phone number from your profile. This should only be visible to you. It should not be available to your friends too.
To do this click on your name on the top navigation bar and go to your time line. Now click on About to open your profile info. Here scroll down to contact info and click on Edit. Here you will see some icons with a down arrow key in front of each info. click on drop down in front of emails to change it to "only me." is the trusted cc shop,  validcc, ccshop, cvvshop

You must hide your email id and phone number and change the visibility to "only me" option.
Hackers can use your email id and phone number to perform phising attack.
2. Go to "Account settings" and then Security tab. Turn on "Secure Browsing". Click on Edit to enable the setting.
Enable "login notifications." This wil help you to know the unauthorize activity each time your account has been tried to access by you or someone else.
3. Add your phone number as a recovery option. This is the best way to recover the password.
4. Use a good Antivirus and internet security to protect system from keyloggers and trojans. Most of the internet security tools also warns against phishing page.
5. Regular update your browser and windows for latest patches. Updated browsers has inbuilt security tools which protects against malicious downloads and phishing links.
6. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and spams on Facebook. There are various type of scams running on the Facebook which attracts users by many offers. 
7. For girls, avoid adding strange smart boys..profile pics can be fake. And if added any, never reveal your personal information such as address, phone number, about family and some other which can cause a trouble for you. Because many fake boys started blackmailing girls by saying that they will mail chats to her father or post pics on public websites.

These are some facebook security tips which must follow in order to protect your facebooka account.

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