Trace Route Tutorial - shop high balance | cc shop online | trusted cvv shop 2023

Trace Route Tutorial - shop high balance | cc shop online | trusted cvv shop 2023

Hello reader, I was not very active for few months. I was only writing some security news, hacking and penetration tools. I know for my regular readers that was disappointing. But i was busy in establishing some of my other websites as hacking tricks is not earning well for me. Copy bloggers are the main reason who copy my articles and traffic. Which turns into a less revenue. One more reason is Google Adsense which is not allowed in hacking website. 
Now I have decided to work again on this to provide some quality articles. Today I am writing about Trace Route. If you know about this, you can get back and explore some other topics. But for beginners, this article will be very informative.

What is Trace Route?

If you try to get its working by name, you can guess that this is tracing the route. In computer, most of the time we are interested in the route of pacler. So This is tracing the route of the packet.
Trace Route is a network based network diagnostic tool available in most of the operating systems. It shows the path path over the network between your computer to specified system and also lists all the intermediate routers is passes through to reach final destination.

Main function of this tool is to check which hop is taking time to respond and which hop is creating trouble in the network.

How to Use it on Windows

In windows go to command prompt. (XP users can click on start --> Run.. Type CMD and press enter. Windows 7 users can click on start type CMD at search and select the CMD from the list.)

At command prompt, type tracert destination

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Here destination may be an IP address or a domain name.
When you run the commmand, it will tell you what it is tracing. In the snap you can see that it tells the IP for the system it is tracing. Next it gives information about each router it passes through on the way to reach its destination. It also tells the time it takes on hops.

Here you can see that the second hop is showing only * and says request times out. It means, trace route was unable to locate the hop. From the listeIp address, you can easily find that the IP address follows the path from your system to your ISP and then to the server of destination.
As is hosted on the Google's blogger server, it final destination is Google's server.

Here You will see three columns for time which shows time in Mili seconds. It shows that how it took to get responcefrom hop.(each hop is tested 3 times).

On the network, if you are not able to connect to a computer, you can use this tool to find out the router which is not forwarding your request.

One more thing to note that each time you will check, you will see the different path, but the networks it passes through will generally be very similar.


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