How to password protect your computer before it even loads the operating system - best cvv shop | best cc shop 2023

How to password protect your computer before it even loads the operating system - best cvv shop | best cc shop 2023

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How to password protect your computer before it even loads the operating system:

Level: Advanced
Number of steps: 7

As soon as you press the power button on your computer, your monitor turns on and starts showing the Bios on your screen, checking the presence and functioning of the cards, memory, hard disks, and peripherals connected to the motherboard, before starting your operating system, be it Windows, Linux, iOS, or any other.

The Bios is responsible for telling you that your computer is, in fact, a computer, and all those commands to make the system work together are safely stored on a chip on your motherboard, regardless of what else is connected to it. Now, with such responsibility, can you imagine if you could put a password on it?

And you can! Learn how to set a BIOS password and fully protect your computer from intruders.

Attention! Follow the instructions correctly, and make sure you're messing with the right options. Any wrong modification can cause your computer to not boot properly.

Setting a Password in the Bios Setup

Step 1. As soon as the computer starts up, press and hold the Del key until the Bios configuration setup opens.

The command to access the setup may vary according to the motherboard manufacturer, but it is possible to identify it in a sentence on the initial screen, usually in the lower corner. Stay tuned as time is very short to read. If necessary, restart your computer.

Step 2. When opening the setup, look for the Set Password option and, with the keyboard's directional arrows, select the option and press enter (the mouse does not work here). There may be variations of the name of this command to enter the password, but that won't be a problem if you know a little English.

Step 3. Enter the password you want to use. Use backspace to correct it, if necessary, and hit enter when done.

Configuring system boot lock

Step 4. Enter the BIOS advanced settings menu (usually named Advanced BIOS Features ). Click enter.

Step 5. Look for the Secure Option option in the displayed list and, once selected, press enter to change the Setup option to System. Again, it is worth remembering that the command may vary according to the manufacturer. The right column, or some sentence at the bottom, will certainly have an indication of the right command.

Step 6. Press Esc to go back to the home screen.

Step 7. Go to Save & Exit Setup, press enter, and type Y (from “ Yes ”) to confirm the changes in the setup.

Once configured, every time the computer boots the system, it will open a small text box asking for the password you configured. Just be careful not to forget about it.


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