Best cvv shop 2023 • dumps carding • card dumps - With Top 5 Hacking and Security tools.

Best cvv shop 2023 • dumps carding • card dumps - With Top 5 Hacking and Security tools.

Top 5 Hacking and Security Tools.


Today we present the top 5 best hacking/security tools which are highly usable in securing and exploiting your computer or network. These tools are designed in a way that they can collect information required to secure or exploit a computer/Network. These tools are highly used by hackers and computer/network security analysts. So continue reading to know the top 5 hacking tools.

Generally, all these tools below are security tools and also called as hacking tools. Along with legal purposes, these tools are also used for illegal purposes and thus most people think that this tools are some bad ones, But they are actually designed to help people in securing their systems. 



I love to work with this tool and is my favorite tool. Nmap is a “Network Mapper” and a security scanner which scans the targets network and finds the information like “which OS are they running, what services are they offering, what hosts are available, network vulnerabilities etc.., 
Download Nmap.



My second favorite =p, Nessus is one of the best vulnerability scanners with many features and is highly compatible with Windows OS. In the past, Nessus is an open-source project and now it is a closed source project which offers both Home and professional Feeds. The home feed is absolutely free of cost with hundreds of plugin’s and with some less features when compared to the professional feed, Professional feed is available at $1,200 per year per Nessus scanner.
Download Nessus Home Feed or Nessus Professional Feed.


MetaSploit Framework

MetaSploit is a very well known tool which was released in 2004 and made a revolution in the security world, It is a more advanced open-source platform which can be used for developing, testing, and exploiting. MetaSploit ships with hundreds of exploits which make your work more easier and it is also updated frequently with more and more exploits, you can even code your own exploit and test it right away. Even though Metasploit is an open-source project it certainly beats the professional tools which costs too much.
Download MetaSploit.



To be simple Wireshark is one of the best network protocol analyzers. WireShark lets you to capture and browse through the internet traffic running on the computer network. WireShark comes with unmatched features which you can learn from their website – Features of WireShark.
Download Wireshark.


John The Ripper

John The Ripper is a well-known, highly used, and multi-platform password hash cracker tool. John is the fastest and most reliable password-cracking tool which supports crypt password hash types.
Download John The Ripper

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