How to get live valid cc via Phishing?

How to get live valid cc via Phishing?

When I started this security blog more than 20 months ago, I was good at hacking stuff and used to play with some common hacking methods. At that time i really enjoy phishing and trojans. Binding trojans with FUD cryptos and then playing with friends' computers was really a nice prank for me.
Now the time is changed a lot. I saw many school students claiming to be hackers (but I don't think I am) and posting some bad comments on my older phishing posts. According to these new hackers, Phishing is the old way and people are not going to give their passwords on fake login pages. This forces me to think about whether they really know the significance of the word "hacker".

If you see the latest cybercrime report, then you will see that Phishing is the main attack on all these cyber crimes. Most DNS poisoning attack leads to phishing pages. Brazilian bank account hacking is the most recent example. That was also a fake login page of the bank on the other domain. But it leads to the hacking of thousands of bank accounts. Do you still think the phishing is dead?

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A few days back, Norton published a report about a fake software vendor website selling some popular software for a huge amount of discount. This fake website has all the things which can prove it is a trusted vendor. But the payment of the website is suspicious. When a user wanted to buy software for this huge discount, he was redirected to the payment gateway asking for the credit card info. But the gateway was not official and trusted. The website was storing all the secure credit card data which it later used for malicious purposes. The website was a phishing website that was giving this kind of software offers to get users' credit card data. This was a high level of phishing without any kind of fake login page. Do you still think you know the pushing well?

For those blah blah blah hackers who are easy to find on Facebook, phishing is just creating a fake login page and is dead. But for hackers, phishing is something that is the most dangerous.

This is my personal advice not to pay on any website until you find a known secure payment gateway. Always verify the payment gateway before paying. If you are not sure about the payment gateway, see the URL on the address bar of the page which is asking for your credit card info. Search about the this domain in Google and see the results whether it is a payment gateway or a phishing scam.

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