How to Start Web Application Penetration testing With Websecurify, With - Best dumps website 2023.

How to Start Web Application Penetration testing With Websecurify, With - Best dumps website 2023.

If you are a developer, owner of a software firm or a testing engineer, you must know the importance of security testing. Hackers are everywhere and they always try to intrude in the system, network and applications. If we talk about Web application penetration testing, there are so many tools available. In this post, we will see how to use Websecurify for penetration testing of web applications.

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WebSecurify is a popular penetration testing toot but different from many available security testing tools. This tool is neither automatic nor manual testing tool. It always shows possible vulnerable places and you need to manually verify whether the vulnerability exists or not.

This tool can detect various kind of security vulnerability. These includes:

  1. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  2. Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  3. Interet Server Erros
  4. SQl injection
  5. OPen URL redirection
  6. Session and Cookies problem
  7. Information disclosure 
  8. and many popular and less known vulnerabilities.


Download Websecurify

Websecurify is available for almost all popular desktop and even on mobile platforms. You can use Websecurify  on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Linux
  4. iOS
  5. Android

Download Websecurify from Official website

Websecurify is also available as an web app, Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. Wide range of availability of the tool makes it one of the must know penetration testing tools.


How to Start with Websecurify

WebSecurify comes with easy to use interface with less options. It has a sidebar menu at the right side of the window.

On the first screen (that can be visited by the home icon option of the side menu), you will find a long URL field. Type the application URL which you want to test. 

Then it will show a warning message that this application can damage your application. Select the tick mark saying "I Understand the risk" and click on continue.

Now it will start crawling the application and start attacking with various attack vectors. Unlike other tools, it scans and find URL along with attacking. Most of the penetration testing tools scan all URLs first and then start attacking on those URLs.

It comes with strong testing engine that can detect application scopes automatically. If you have enter the testing URL, then it follow the same rules

You can add as many URLs that you want to test. But  recommend using one URL at once. Because it shows the test results at one place. If you use more than one test URLs, you will have to differentiate test results for different URLs.

You can see the scan results by clicking on stats like icon at the right side menu.

It shows all the vulnerabilities with affected URLs. It lists URLs in categorized way. All XSS are listed at one place, all SQLi are at same place and same for other vulnerabilities.


Note: This tool always fails to detect Cross Site Request Forgery attack. It lists all forms as CSRF vulnerable. And it also detects many false vulnerabilities.

But an experienced penetration tester can still find this tool useful. If you are thinking why this tool lists false vulnerabilities, use this tool at least 3-4 times. I am sure you will get the answer.

Note: If this tool is listing a vulnerability, try your best to confirm the vulnerability. If you are unable to confirm, it does not mean that vulnerability exists.

I personally like this tool and you can see my work in security field. And most of the time I was using Websecurify.


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